COVID-19 Renter’s Protections in Los Angeles – What You Need To Know:

COVID-19 Renter’s Protections in Los Angeles – What You Need To Know:

The COVID-19 Emergency has affected renters around the country. In response to the pandemic, Governor Newsom issued two Emergency Orders in California – Ordinance No. 186585 and Ordinance No. 186606. Both ordinances were designed to provide protections to tenants. The Mayor of Los Angeles and the City Council provided further protections to tenants by allowing renters to delay the payment of rent owed for up to 12 months following the expiration of the local emergency.

Can My Landlord Charge Me Late Fees During the Local Emergency?

Landlords cannot charge interest or late fees for unpaid rent from tenants that decide to delay the payment of their rent due to the COVID-19 Emergency.

Who Does Renter Protections Apply To?

The Renter Protections apply to all residential and commercial tenants in the City of Los Angeles, County of Los Angeles, regardless of immigration status.

What Else Is Included In The Emergency Order?

“No Fault” evictions are halted during the Emergency Order. A “no fault eviction” is an eviction where the tenant is not at fault for violating a lease term or state or local laws. For example, evictions at the end of a tenancy or upon a 30-day notice to vacate are currently not permissible.


The Emergency Order also required landlords to inform tenants of their rights in the form of a “Protection Notice”.


If your landlord has violated Ordinance No. 186606, you can sue your landlord for civil penalties.


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