The Four “Ds” – The Four Most Common Causes Of Car Accidents

The Four “Ds” – The Four Most Common Causes Of Car Accidents

Approximately 32,000 lose their lives in car accidents each year. In California, between 2013 and 2019, the average number of deaths from car accidents was 3,500.

Until such time as cars become fully autonomous and additional safety precautions are added, it will be difficult to curb and limit the number of car accidents and deaths that can result therefrom. Therefore, it is important to understand the four most common causes of car accidents or “The Four Ds”.


The four most common causes of car accidents are (1) Distraction; (2) Drowsiness; (3) Drunkenness; and (4) Driver Error.

With cell phones outlawed, the state has moved in the right direction to limit distracted driving. However, not all drivers follow the law. It is important to always stay alert. If you are feeling tired, pull to the side of the road. The risk of life is too high to risk driving with any of the “Four Ds”.

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