LA Century Law Launches New Website

LA Century Law has renewed their focus to serve clients in South California by launching their new website.


Los Angeles, CA, April 8, 2022— The award-winning LA Century Law firm is excited to announce the launch of their new website.

The new design of the website is slick and user-friendly, allowing you to navigate the site with ease. In addition to the home page, the website is divided into six subcategories.

The ‘about us’ section provides information about LA Century Law as a whole. Also to be found in this section is the team of attorneys you will be working with when LA Century Law represents you.

The next section is the ‘locations’ section. LA Century Law has offices in Century City, San Bernardino, and Tarzana. All three locations are currently taking new cases, and want to hear from you.

The ‘practice areas’ section is a very helpful one, where you can see all the specialty areas the attorneys at LA Century Law are well versed in. The team can provide you with a California car accident lawyer, a California personal injury lawyer, a California motorcycle accident lawyer, and more.

By clicking on each respective practice area, you can read in-depth descriptions and solutions offered by the team. This section of the website is essential in regards to helping you find the proper representation.

There are also statistics to show the high success of the LA Century Law firm in each area.

In addition to these sections, there is a recent results section where you can see the success of the firm as well as an informative blog. This blog, written by members of the firm, goes into depth about everything related to the law.

“I am really pleased with our new website, it is really pushing us into the modern age,” said the founder of LA Century Law, Ryan J. Daneshrad, Esq.

Contact information on the team is available in multiple sections of the website, and there is even a full section dedicated to it. LA Century Law is interested in taking your case and is available 24/7.

You can find the LA Century Law phone number in multiple areas of the website.

There is also an inquiry form where you can receive a FREE consultation. Simply provide your contact information along with a brief description of how the team can help you.

“We are looking to help as many as we can in South California,” said Marco Reyes, senior case manager.

Check out LA Century Law’s new website today!

About LA Century Law: LA Century Law is a civil law firm located in Century City near Hollywood with multiple locations throughout Southern California that specializes in an array of practice areas that include personal injury, real estate disputes, mold intoxication, habitability issues, employment law, and complex civil litigation. Our firm has a 99% success rate.

Contact Information:

Ryan J. Daneshrad, Esq.

LA Century Law, 1880 Century Park East, Suite 1101, Los Angeles CA 90067


(213) 205-0657

What Does Discovery Mean

What Does Discovery Mean?

Once a lawsuit is filed, each side will have an opportunity to conduct what is referred to as discovery. Discovery gives each side an opportunity to investigate the others’ claims and prepare for trial.

There is oral discovery and written discovery.

Written discovery consists of written questions that must be responded to in writing. Written discovery falls into three types of requests.

1) Request for Production of Documents

This form of discovery requires that a party produce documents relevant to their claim.

2) Interrogatories

This form of discovery consists of written questions relevant to the action.

3) Request for Admissions

This form of discovery requests that a party admit or deny certain questions.

There is also oral discovery. A common example of oral discovery is a deposition. A deposition is an examination of a party or person under oath. There will be a court reporter present to record the deposition. Some depositions are also filmed.  Similar to trial, an attorney is allowed to ask questions of this individual who is referred to as the deponent.

The deponent’s attorney will be present and may object to the questions similarly to trial. The transcript of the deposition may be used at trial subject to certain limitations.

Insurance Companies Do Not Have Your Best Interest

Insurance Companies Do Not Have Your Best Interest

“Like a good neighbor, State Farm is There.” – State Farm Insurance

“You’re in good hands with Allstate.” – Allstate Insurance

“We are Farmers. Gets you back where you belong.” – Farmers Insurance

We have all heard the slogans. We have memorized the jingles.

Insurance companies spend millions annually to market to consumers and build a façade as a reliable, caring “friend”. Nothing can be further from the truth. The reality is insurance companies do not have your best interest at heart.

Jake from State Farm might be wearing khakis and a red shirt but his real goal, if he is speaking to you late at night, is to gather as much information from you to discount your injuries and case.

Insurance adjusters are trained to ask questions that feel harmless. These questions are leading and designed to trap you into a false response. For example, Jake from State Farm might ask a question like: “So, you don’t have any pain from the accident right now, correct?” This is a leading and loaded question. An individual might not have pain that exact moment but that does not mean they were not hurt after the accident or that their injuries will not worsen later.

The questions are designed for you to divulge information that may result in your claim either being rejected or discounted. That is why it is so important to contact legal representation as soon as you are involved in an accident.

Once you retain an attorney, the insurance company and adjuster cannot speak to you directly. They cannot ask you loaded questions designed to belittle your injuries and devalue your case.

Do not fall for the slogans. You pay a premium for insurance and should have it available when you are injured.

What Is “Lien” Care

What Is “Lien” Care?

If you have ever been involved in an accident or have otherwise contacted an injury attorney, chances are you have heard of “care on lien” or “lien care”.

So, what does it mean?


Lien care is when a health care provider defers getting paid for their services until such time as your case settle. In exchange for this deferment, the health care provider will place a “lien” on the potential settlement proceeds from your matter. It is out of those proceeds that they are paid.


There are many benefits to lien care. For starters, it avoids the red-tape that is usually associated with insurance coverage. Generally, insurance companies require individuals to get treatment from an “in network” provider. This can cause a number of issues. First, it can cause delays in getting you into treatment or finding the right provider. Next, in some situations, there is no doctor “in network” that is available. What’s more, even if the doctor is in network, they may be located miles away.

There are also situations where people do not have health insurance. By using lien care, an injured party that would otherwise be unable to get healthcare and proper medical treatment. With lien care, all of these issues can be avoided. We are able to get you into treatment immediately so that there is no delay in getting you to a doctor.


Yes. Lien doctors are excellent, “real” doctors that prefer a deferment method instead of going through insurance companies. We have a large network of doctors who we trust and are the best in their field.

There are also situations where people do not have health insurance. By using lien care, an injured party that would otherwise be unable to get healthcare and proper medical treatment. With lien care, all of these issues can be avoided. We are able to get you into treatment immediately so that there is no delay in getting you to a doctor.


Another huge benefit with lien care is that we can schedule you with a doctor almost immediately. Meaning there is no gap in treatment. Insurance companies ignore the fact that it is difficult to find the right doctor or one within your insurance network. By going to a lien doctor, we can get you in treatment the same day. This is important because insurance carriers try to argue that a gap in treatment means the individual was not actually injured.

Steps To Take To Strengthen Your Injury Case?

Steps To Take To Strengthen Your Injury Case

Most people will believe that a personal injury case is fairly straightforward. The reality is that it is not that simple.

With technology and insurance companies more tight-fisted, it is important to do everything possible to strengthen your case. This holds true even if liability in your matter is not in dispute – meaning the other party has already admitted fault.

Below are a few tips and steps to take to strengthen your injury claim.


If possible, look for witnesses. A witness can drastically assist in supporting your claim. They can provide an unbiased perspective of what happened and support your position. If there is a witness gather their information including their name, phone number, and address.



Insurance companies do not have your best interest at heart. Their interest is to pay you as little as possible to resolve your claim. This is true even with your own insurance company. Any information that you provide them – whether verbal or written – will be used against you. Thus, it is important to retain counsel to protect your interest.


No matter how minor your injuries are, it is important to seek medical attention. This will provide official documentation of your injuries, which is necessary for your claim.  In today’s world, it can seem difficult if not impossible to find the time to get anything done. However, in an injury case nothing is more important than seeking proper medical attention and going to treatment as recommended by a physician. Even the smallest gap in treatment from the date of your accident can have a harmful impact on your case. We have found that a number of our clients that initially report little pain, feel the extent of their injuries 5-7 days later. Therefore, it is advisable to make sure you see a medical professional as soon as possible.


As a follow-up to the previous tip, it is important to follow your doctor’s recommendations. If they order you into treatment or different therapies, it is important to follow their professional advice.


Everyone today has a Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or TikTok. Insurance companies and defense attorneys are fully aware of this. It is VERY important to make sure all your accounts are private. Insurance companies pay companies and individuals whose sole objective is to find photographs or videos that may show that you are not injured. Therefore, it is imperative that all accounts be private and that you do not accept any unknown friend requests while your case is pending. By staying off social media or otherwise making your account private, you remove a tool from the insurance company’s arsenal


No matter how small a piece of evidence may seem to you, it can make the difference in your case. Therefore, it is important to maintain all data and evidence related to your case and hand it over to your attorney for review and retention. Furthermore, in California, once litigation is anticipated, you have a duty to preserve and maintain any and all evidence that may be related to your case.


Once you retain an attorney, the insurance company cannot speak to you directly. An attorney can protect your interest and take care of all the heavy lifting associated with your case. In fact, a 2019 study found that using an attorney in your injury claim increases your recovery by three times (3x). Therefore, even though you are not legally required to be represented by an attorney to make an injury claim, an attorney can add major value to your case in addition to protecting your rights.

What Are “dog Bite” Laws In California?

What Are “Dog Bite” Laws In California?

It is estimated that more than 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year in the United States, and more than 800,000 receive medical attention for dog bites according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.

The number of dog bites per year has become so common that states such as California have enacted legislation to help protect their population.

In 1931, California enacted a strict liability law for dog bites. This law, California Civil Code 3342, supplanted the “one-bite rule” in California.

California Civil Code 3342 states the following:

“The owner of any dog is liable for the damages suffered by any person who is bitten by the dog while in a public place or lawfully in a private place, including the property of the owner of the dog, regardless of the former viciousness of the dog or the owner’s knowledge of such viciousness.”

This means, if a dog bites someone, it is a strict liability issue. The law places responsibility on the owner for all damages resulting from the dog bite, even if the dog has never bitten anyone before.

As a result, a plaintiff does not need to prevail on a theory of negligence to recover damages.

Are you the victim of a dog bite?

Call our office to speak with an attorney about your case.

Rejected Claim Can I Still Recover Money_

Rejected Claim: Can I Still Recover Money?

Many of our clients come to us for a second opinion. They state that a previous firm has refused to represent them because their claim had been “rejected” or “denied”. The question they ask is – can I still recover anything? The answer is most definitely yes.

Insurance companies reject claims for multiple reasons. Sometimes they claim their insured stated a different version of the events and that the rejection is based on their insured’s story without considering yours. Other times they claim that the severity of the accident could not have “caused” any injuries. First, an insurance company cannot simply decide without taking into consideration all evidence. This includes your version of the incident. of course, the other side will be quick to blame someone else. They do not want their insurance premiums to rise. Secondly, insurance companies are not medical experts. They are not in a position to tell you if you have or have not been injured. Sadly, most people lose hope when they receive a rejection letter.

Furthermore, California is a comparative fault state. This means that liability for an accident can be apportioned between the parties. For example, if you are in a crash, and are 49% liable, you can still collect for that 51% you are not liable for.

This is why retaining the proper counsel is so important. We are an aggressive firm that will advocate for you and make sure every stone is turned.

Call us now for a free consultation. Allow our team to do the heavy lifting and obtain what you are entitled to.

How Are Legal Fees Charged and Calculated in an Injury Case_

How Are Legal Fees Charged and Calculated in an Injury Case?

In an injury case, lawyers including LA Century Law are generally paid on a contingency as oppose to on an hourly basis.


A contingency fee means that our legal fees are contingent on the outcome of your case. Meaning, if we do not win you owe nothing. Further, we advance any and all costs associated with your matter. This includes Court Filing Fees, Services Fees, Deposition Costs, and any other Costs for fees related to your matter.

In a contingency fee agreement, the client’s interest and the lawyers are aligned. Therefore, it is our job to assure that we recover maximum value for your case!


As oppose to an hourly agreement, a client is benefited by a contingency fee agreement because it does not matter how many countless hours an attorney spends on the case. If they spend 100 or 1,000, the fee is always the same to the client, which is a percentage of the gross recovery obtained. This is different than an hourly fee agreement, where each hour an attorney spends on the case is billed to the client.


LA Century Law has a 99% success rate. We work relentlessly for our clients and advocate aggressively for their interest.


It is important for you to hire an attorney as soon as possible. We take care of everything for you from A to Z. We also communicate directly with the insurance company so that your case is not somehow prejudiced or overlooked by their adjusters.

It is important to know that all injury claims are subject to the statute of limitations. The Statute of Limitations is a deadline to file a lawsuit. If your lawsuit is not filed within the statute of limitations, it may be lost forever. Most injury claims against another party is for negligence. Negligence claims or “causes of action” have a two-year statute of limitation from the date of the accident.

Do not wait. Call LA Century Law now for a free consultation and to speak to one of our attorneys.

Personal Injury Matter – Process and Timeline to Compensation

Personal Injury Matter – Process and Timeline to Compensation

There is never a good time to be involved in a car accident. This is especially true if the car accident resulted in injury. Luckily, an experienced attorney can help make this process much easier for you, so you can focus strictly on getting better.

Below is a summary of what to expect after a car accident and how a dedicated team of personal injury professionals can make the process easier for you:


First, the accident must be reported to the insurance carriers for both parties involved. Once a claim is made, the insurance company will provide a “claim number.” The claim number is used to identify your matter all the way through to its conclusion. You should be aware that your insurance company may require a recorded statement. If it does, and you have retained counsel, we will be on the call with you. It is critically important to have an attorney present during the recorded statement. Even though it may be with your own insurance carrier, they may try to discount your case and ask you loaded questions. Insurance companies, even your own, are never your friends. Our experienced attorneys are not fooled by this conduct and will protect you.


Our team will get your vehicle to an auto repair shop and fixed as soon as possible. We understand how important your car is for your life and are determined to get you safely back on the road and in the routine of your life.


Every injury case will involve medical treatment to some extent. At LA Century Law, we have a network of doctors that are on-call to see you as soon as you have been injured. We will make sure that there is no delay in getting you started on the road to getting healthy. Even if you do not have health insurance, our network of doctors will work on “lien care”. This means they advance their services in exchange for a lien on your case. Instead of you getting treatment when you can afford it or having to get care at a later time, you get it when you need it.


Once you have concluded treatment, we will compile all medical records and evidence then deliver a demand to the party responsible for the collision. If the insurance carrier accepts our demand, we can settle the case and distribute you the funds you are entitled to. If they do not accept our demand or their counter-offer is too low, we will file a lawsuit to make sure you receive full compensation for your injuries.


Litigation is a fancy word for the commencement of an action. During litigation each side will have an opportunity to conduct discovery. Discovery is a form of evidence collection. Discovery can be completed in the form of written questions to each side or an oral deposition where attorneys have an opportunity to ask questions to each party involved in the car accident.


Generally, once discovery is concluded, the Court may require that the parties participate in mediation to attempt to resolve their dispute. Sometimes this works, sometimes it does not. If we are not able to agree to an amount for settlement at mediation, we will need to prepare for trial.


We will have a jury empaneled and argue our case in front of the Court. Once concluded, the jury will return verdict on what they believe you are entitled to for the injuries you have sustained.

Press Release: Paula Bruce v. Jesse Williams, et al. – Los Angeles Superior Court, Case No.: 22STCV02030

For Immediate Release
Los Angeles, California – February 9, 2022
Contact: Ryan Daneshrad –

On February 4, 2022, Plaintiff Paula Bruce filed her Amended Complaint in Los Angeles Superior Court, Case No.: 22STCV02030 against Defendant Jesse Williams.

Attorney Ryan Daneshrad issued the following statement regarding the lawsuit: “This is a very serious matter with serious injuries.”

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